A CalDav server built on Rails

This development is still in alpha. Use at your own risks.

The aim of this Rails app is to provide :

  • a CalDav server accessible by CalDav clients (Thunderbird, etc...)
  • a web interface to manage calendars and eveything around :
    • add/update/delete calendars
    • add/update/delete events/tasks
    • manage share/permissions

The basics are implemented but it needs some additionnal work :

  • add support for alarms
  • add support for event's participants
  • a cleaner/better implementation of the CalDav server

This app should be considered as a POC (Proof Of Concept) of a CalDav server implementation in Ruby/Rails.


  • Finish CalDav server implementation
  • Extract the CalDav server in gem (the server should be mountable in a standard Rails app)


I know some alternatives exist out there to manage calendars like :

(The full list here)

But none of them is in Ruby.

I thought it would be nice to have a Ruby alternative. Thus this project.


You can contribute to this plugin in many ways such as :

  • Helping with documentation
  • Contributing code (features or bugfixes)
  • Reporting a bug
  • Submitting translations


A CalDav server built on Rails

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