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Colorful animations in terminal output

Available animations

Name Preview
rainbow rainbow
pulse pulse
glitch glitch
radar radar
neon neon
karaoke karaoke


$ npm i chalk-animation


const chalkAnimation = require('chalk-animation');

chalkAnimation.rainbow('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet');

Start and stop

You can stop and resume an animation with stop() and start().

When created, the instance of chalkAnimation starts automatically.

const rainbow = chalkAnimation.rainbow('Lorem ipsum'); // Animation starts

setTimeout(() => {
    rainbow.stop(); // Animation stops
}, 1000);

setTimeout(() => {
    rainbow.start(); // Animation resumes
}, 2000);

Automatic stop

Anything printed to the console will stop the previous animation automatically

chalkAnimation.rainbow('Lorem ipsum');
setTimeout(() => {
    // Stop the 'Lorem ipsum' animation, then write on a new line.
    console.log('dolor sit amet');
}, 1000);

Changing speed

Change the animation speed using a second parameter. Should be greater than 0, default is 1.

chalkAnimation.rainbow('Lorem ipsum', 2); // Two times faster than default

Changing text

Change the animated text seamlessly with replace()

let str = 'Loading...';
const rainbow = chalkAnimation.rainbow(str);

// Add a new dot every second
setInterval(() => {
    rainbow.replace(str += '.');
}, 1000);

Manual rendering

Manually render frames with render(), or get the content of the next frame with frame()

const rainbow = chalkAnimation.rainbow('Lorem ipsum').stop(); // Don't start the animation

rainbow.render(); // Display the first frame

const frame = rainbow.frame(); // Get the second frame

CLI mode

# Install package globally
$ npm install --global chalk-animation
$ chalk-animation --help

  Colorful animations in terminal output

    $ chalk-animation <name> [options] [text...]

    --duration  Duration of the animation in ms, defaults to Infinity
    --speed  Animation speed as number > 0, defaults to 1

  Available animations

    $ chalk-animation rainbow Hello world!


MIT © Boris K

Chalk Animation

:clapper: Colorful animations in terminal output

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