chrome-protocol-proxy is small, reverse proxy designed for working with Chrome's DevTools protocol. It captures all commands sent to and events received from Chrome, coalesce requests with responses, unpack messages from Target domain and provide easy to read, colored output. This tool is a fork of (and heavily inspired by) chromedp-proxy.

chrome-protocol-proxy screenshot


Via homebrew

brew install wendigo/tap/chrome-protocol-proxy

Via go get

go get -u

Via docker

docker run -t -i -p 9222:9222 wendigo/chrome-protocol-proxy:latest

This image bundles headless Chrome in the latest version so debugger is ready to use (head to http://localhost:9222 to validate).


Configuration flags

-d    write logs file per targetId
   show delta time between log entries
-exclude value
   exclude requests/responses/events matching pattern (default exclude = )
-i    include request frames as they are sent
-include value
   display only requests/responses/events matching pattern (default include = )
-l string
   listen address (default "localhost:9223")
-log-dir string
   logs directory (default "logs")
-m    display time in microseconds
   debug single session
-q    do not show logs on stdout
-r string
   remote address (default "localhost:9222")
-s    shorten requests and responses
   display version information



Chrome Protocol Proxy

Chrome DevTools Protocol Proxy - intelligent proxy for debugging purposes

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