compatibility License: CC BY 4.0

This repository contains JSON meta information in the open CK format about platforms participating in CK-powered experiment crowdsourcing across diverse hardware provided by volunteers. For example, it is used to crowdsource performance analysis and optimization of realistic workloads across mobile devices and IoT.

Entries are first automatically created at , then synced with this repository. More importantly, they can be manually updated by the community to add important properties (such as platform topology, info about caches, etc) or scripts to set frequency, etc useful for collaborative and reproducible research scenarios!

The community also provides notes about setting up various hardware using this wiki.




 > ck pull repo:ck-crowdtuning-platforms

 > ck list platform --print_name | sort
 > ck list platform.cpu --print_name | sort
 > ck list platform.gpgpu --print_name | sort
 > ck list platform.gpu --print_name | sort
 > ck list platform.nn --print_name | sort
 > ck list platform.npu --print_name | sort
 > ck list platform.os --print_name  | sort

 > ck load platform.cpu:40bc4c800b3f8e3d --min
 > ck load platform.cpu:40bc4c800b3f8e3d
 > ck info platform.cpu:40bc4c800b3f8e3d


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The concepts have been described in the following publications:

Public results

Public benchmarking and optimization results are continuously aggregated in the live CK repository

Public discussions

Ck Crowdtuning Platforms

Meta information about platforms participating in experiment crowdsourcing using Collective Knowledge Framework (OS,CPU,GPU,GPGPU,NN...):

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