Claim Reporter - Progressive Web App with Angular

This is sample PWA (Progressive Web App) application with Angular 6.
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Repo info

  • claim-reporter-app - Angular 6 PWA application (service workers, push notifications enable/send, save photos in localStorage, save API request in cache)
  • claim-reporter-server - Node.js + Express + in-memory-database (save/get claims, save push subscriber, send notifications to all subscribers)

Run frontend

In claim-reporter-app:

npm install
npm run build

With ng serve Service Workers doesn't work, so if you run this project first time, you must install mini HTTP server:

npm install -g http-server

Run backend

In claim-reporter-server:

npm install
npm start


Desktop version

Mobile version

Info about new version

PWA Lighthouse report

PWA Lighthouse report


This project is released under the Apache 2.0 license (see LICENSE)

Claim Reporter Pwa Poc

Example PWA application with Angular 6 and backend with Node

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