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A C/C++ AST index server using libclang over the msgpack-rpc written in Go.


  • Fast indexing of C/C++ AST database onto the NoSQL, which serialized by flatbuffers
    • Now using the leveldb key-value storage
    • Without C bindings using the syndtr/goleveldb, which is natively implemented leveldb in Go
  • Support cross-platform and multi-architecture AST indexing
    • Linux, macOS, BSD and Windows
    • arm, arm64 m68k, mips, sparc and x86_(16|32|64)
  • Server/Client architecture over the msgpack-rpc
  • Built-in compile_commands.json generator using google/kati and ninja for Makefile
    • No need make for the generating compile_commands.json

Clang Server

A C/C++ AST index server using libclang and flatbuffers written in Go

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