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Rust bindings to the clingo library. Clingo version 5.5.0.


  • a c++14 conforming compiler
    • at least gcc version 4.9
    • clang version 3.1 (using either libstdc++ provided by gcc 4.9 or libc++)

Per default the crate uses the clingo library via dynamic linking. It is assumed that a clingo dynamic library is installed on the system. You have to set the environment variable CLINGO_LIBRARY_PATH. For example:

export CLINGO_LIBRARY_PATH=/scratch/miniconda3/envs/test/lib


cargo run --example=ast 0
cargo run --example=backend 0
cargo run --example=configuration
cargo run --example=control 0
cargo run --example=model 0
cargo run --example=propagator 0
cargo run --example=solve-async 0
cargo run --example=statistics 0
cargo run --example=symbol 0
cargo run --example=symbolic-atoms 0
cargo run --example=theory-atoms 0
cargo run --example=inject-terms 0
cargo run --example=version


Using derive macro

The crate provides a derive macro to help easing the use of rust data types as facts.

In your Cargo.toml add:

clingo = { version = "0.7.2", features = ["derive"] }

In your source write:

use clingo::ToSymbol;
use clingo::ClingoError;
use clingo::FactBase;

struct MyPoint {
    x: i32,
    y: i32,

let p = MyPoint{ x:4, y:2 };
let fb = FactBase::new();

The macro performs a conversion to snake case. This means the corresponing fact for MyPoint{x:4,y:2} is my_point(4,2).

Using static-linking

You can use the clingo library via static linking.

The recommended way to use the optional static linking support is as follows.

clingo = { version = "0.7.2", features = ["static-linking"] }


How to make a contribution to clingo-rs?

Any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, shall be licensed under the terms of the MIT license without any additional terms or conditions.

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