A utility for building ClojureScript-based React Native apps


This small lib provides ability to start development with just one command and some basic functionality that re-natal has: enable-source-maps and rebuild-index, which is equivalence of re-natal's enable-source-maps, use-*-device, use-figwheel.

clj -m clj-rn.main help

enable-source-maps  Patches RN packager to server *.map files from filesystem, so that chrome can download them.
rebuild-index      Generate index.*.js for development with figwheel
watch             Start figwheel and cljs repl
help              Show this help

watch has the following options:

clj -m clj-rn.main watch -h

-p, --platform BUILD-IDS [:android]  Platform Build IDs <android|ios>
-a, --android-device TYPE           Android Device Type <avd|genymotion|real>
-i, --ios-device TYPE              iOS Device Type <simulator|real>
    --[no-]start-app               Start `react-native run-*` or not
    --[no-]start-figwheel           Start Figwheel or not
    --[no-]start-cljs-repl           Start cljs repl or not
    --[no-]start-bundler           Start React Native Metro bundler or not
-h, --help

Setup re-natal project

  1. Create deps.edn file and add clj-rn as dependency. More about how to use git libraries here
  2. Create clj-rn.conf.edn. See example clj-rn.conf.example.edn
  3. Run clj -R:dev -m clj-rn.main watch -p ios -i simulator to start Figwheel and cljs repl

Example usage

Run watch task which also starts Figwheel and cljs repl:

clj -R:dev -m clj-rn.main watch -p android,ios -a genymotion -i real

Start React Native bundler react-native start

Now you can run app react-native run-android or react-native run-ios

Possible config options

  • :name Name of your project. The same as in package.json
  • :builds Dev builds. You can copy it from project.clj
  • :js-modules List of all used libraries what is required like this (js/require "...") for ios and android platforms
  • :desktop-modules List of all used libraries what is required like this (js/require "...") for desktop platform
  • :resource-dirs Folders with images and other resources
  • :figwheel-bridge.js" re-natal adds this file when you init project. If you don't have it, you can skip this options
  • :figwheel-options options for fegwheel server. List of all options
  • :run-options Those options will be passed to react-native run-*


Special thanks to @psdp for the initial implementation. Awesome job!


Licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0

Clj Rn

A utility for building ClojureScript-based React Native apps

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