CloudStream 2

All support for CloudStream 2 is dropped in favor of CloudStream 3

CloudStream 3:




  • AdFree, No ads whatsoever
  • No tracking/analytics
  • Bookmark any movie or show
  • Download and stream movies, tv-shows and anime
  • Watch history that can easily be toggled and removed
  • Instant search, get results fast
  • IMDb, MAL and AniList integration
  • MAL and Anilist login
  • Recommendations for every movie
  • Trailer from IMDb
  • Movie and Episode description
  • Subtitles directly from
  • Title sharing, share any movie via a link.
  • Chromecast
  • Top 100 movies, related and popular
  • YouTube Download
  • InApp video player using


  • On Android, you must have VLC or any other video player that can play .m3u8 files installed. VLC is recommended, but not required


How it works:

This app dosen't use a p2p connection or any private servers hosted by me, IT IS NOT A BITTORRENT. It takes all the links from established streaming sites by downloading the sites and extracting the useful information.

CloudStream and CloudStream 2 works in diffrent ways. CloudStream gets the links and info from the link site directly. CloudStream 2 will first search IMDb and then crossreference with the link sites and MAL to get the links. Because of this the initial loading time is a bit longer than CloudStream. Most of the relevant data is cached so the loading time is shorter when loading a title again.

Sites used: (Seach, rating, trailer, recommendations and descriptions) (Only used to crossreference anime) (MAL Backup) (Subtitles) (Title sharing)

Movie/Tv-Series Sites:

Anime Sites:

Cloudstream 2

CloudStream 2 is an android streaming app for movies, tv-shows and anime

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