cmder package builder

Builds cmder portable installation with several features preinstalled:

Enabling running scripts

When you see warning:

File build_cmder.ps1 cannot be loaded because the execution of scripts is
disabled on this system. Please see "get-help about_signing" for more

run following line in a PowerShell with admin rights:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

and confirm your choice with Y.


Cygwin setup crashes when started in x64 PowerShell, so script ensures that it will be run only with PowerShell x86.

Run in a PowerShell:


In the process Cygwin installer will appear - let it do the job. If you want to change installation use setup_cygwin.ps1 script.

Once build is completed run Cmder.exe and let it update Conemu to its newest version. With older one (distributed with Cmder) startup errors might appear, and some functionalities (like copying text by highlighting) are not available.

Cygwin setup

Once Cygwin is installed it can be further configured by running:


and choosing packages to install/remove.

Installation troubleshoting

  • Cygwin installation takes forever/fails - some packages are available only on For some reason the site has sometimes problems with FTP transfer and Cygwin Setup cannot either connect or has very slow transfer. You can try to restart script (it saves your progress so you won't have to install the same thing twice), or try to rerun it some time later.
  • Gradle installation freezes even though all files are extracted - Gradle actually hav > 10k files to extract, many of them so small that you might not notice, that they are still being extracted when you check directory size only. Wait a litte bit more.
  • Editors (Atom, Light Table, Sublime Text) fail to extract - for some reason, uknown to me, even though file is downloaded on first try script might show error that it cannot find it and thus is unable to extract files. I can only guess that it is some sort of race condition or other error on my part resulting in call for extraction just before filesystem knows that downloaded file arrived. Rerunning script helps (one might need to remove symlinks.mrk file to try to create symlinks again).


Basically whole package was build with portability in mind. OTTOOMH only set_PATH_depottools.ps1 modifies PATH environment vairable and so it would require running (and cleaning after) on every system.

I have noticed though that when package is synchronized with e.g. software, symlinks (NTFS's junctions) get broken and functionality depending on them stops working. Therefore one needs to choose method of transfering the whole installation that would preserve them if he want to make use of its portability.


Details on how to use of added features and programs can be found here.


If needed file can be found on sourceforge.


Scripts and my own configs are published with Apache 2.0 license. As such anyone can use them and modify to their needs. Configs being modifications are licensed like their originals.


I am not an author of any of those software. This builder merely puts together several software pieces and add some initial configuration to it.

All credits goes to the authors of their respective product.

Used software

Software downloaded by script to put together a nice toolchain.


Conemu - contains original Conemu software without any additional addons.

Cmder - portable installation of Conemu with preinstalled enhancements for CMD console.

Far manager - Total Commander like manager in a command line.


Cygwin - POSIX environment for Windows system. Contains many ported packages.

apt-cyg - script for Cygwin allowing package management in a apt-get like manner.


depot_tools - scripts useful when working with Google code.

GYP - Chromium's builder.

Java JRE and JDK

Java - Oracle's Java platform and development kit.

Gradle - build system (mainly) for Java.

SBT - Simple Build Tool written in Scala.


Clojure - Clojure programming language.

Leiningen - builder for Clojure applications.


Node.js - JS development platform.


Python - Python programming language.


Ruby - Ruby programming language.


Atom - Atom text editor.


LightTable - LightTable Clojure IDE.


Nightcode - Nightcode Clojure IDE.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text - Sublime Text 3 text editor.


apt-cyg - apt-get like manager for Cygwin.


CLOC - Count Lines of Code.


Script which performs download and initial setup of Cmder, Cygwin and several other packages

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