A plugin for the fish-shell.

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This plugin installs a fish function wrapper around man that colorizes styled text (specifically underlined, bold, and standout) to make browsing man pages easier and more enjoyable.

The colors are added by setting environment variables that control how less, man's default pager, processes styled text. Why use a wrapper to prepare environment variables when we could simply initialize environment variables on shell startup? Because the environment variables used contain escape sequences that will "overflow" into the output of other commands reading environment variables. See this Stackoverflow question for an explanation.

Credits: This idea was first inspired by Arch Linux wiki.

Note: decors/fish-colored-man is a very similar plugin. includes a wrapper to also colorize the output of utilities that rely on less, such as git help. Conversely, fish-colored-man allows configuring colors.

colored man page for less


With fisher

$ fisher install patrickf1/


Just invoke man as usual, but without changing the pager, to get colored output. For example

$ man less

To execute vanilla man without colored output, we can bypass the wrapper using command. For example

$ command man less

To colorize the output of utilities that rely on less, use the cless (short for colored less) wrapper to configure less before executing the utility. For example

$ cless git help merge
$ cless git help log


MIT © Patrick

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