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CompleteParameter is a plugin for complete function's parameters after complete a function.

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Without CompleteParameter, only insert the function name. ycm_only

With CompleteParameter, insert the function name and parameters. You can jump to the next parameter use <c-j> and jump to the previous parameter use <c-k>. ycm_with_cp


  • Complete parameters after select a complete item from the completion popup menu.
  • After complete the parameters, jump to the first parameter and the select it.
  • Jump to next parameter.
  • Jump to previous parameter.
  • Select next overload function.
  • Select previous overload function.
  • Select the first item in the completion popup menu.
  • Echo signature when select an item. (need to set noshowmode or set cmdheight=2)


I suggest you to use a plugin manager, such vim-plug or other.

  • vim-plug
    Plug 'tenfyzhong/CompleteParameter.vim'
  • Manual
    git clone ~/.vim/bundle/CompleteParameter.vim
    echo 'set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/CompleteParameter.vim' >> ~/.vimrc
    vim -c 'helptag ~/.vim/bundle/CompleteParameter.vim/doc' -c qa!


Install a complete engine have supported. Goto the completion item of the completion popup menu you want to select, and then type ((minimal setting), the parameters will be inserted and select the the first parameter. <c-j>/<c-k>(minimal setting) will jump to the next/previous parameter and select it.

Minimal setting

inoremap <silent><expr> ( complete_parameter#pre_complete("()")
smap <c-j> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_next_parameter)
imap <c-j> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_next_parameter)
smap <c-k> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_previous_parameter)
imap <c-k> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_previous_parameter)

The parameter of complete_parameter#pre_complete will be insert if parameter completion failed.



Goto next parameter and select it.

nmap <c-j> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_next_parameter)
imap <c-j> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_next_parameter)
smap <c-j> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_next_parameter)


Goto previous parameter and select it.

nmap <c-k> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_previous_parameter)
imap <c-k> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_previous_parameter)
smap <c-k> <Plug>(complete_parameter#goto_previous_parameter)


Select next overload function.

nmap <m-d> <Plug>(complete_parameter#overload_down)
imap <m-d> <Plug>(complete_parameter#overload_down)
smap <m-d> <Plug>(complete_parameter#overload_down)


Select previous overload function.

nmap <m-u> <Plug>(complete_parameter#overload_up)
imap <m-u> <Plug>(complete_parameter#overload_up)
smap <m-u> <Plug>(complete_parameter#overload_up)


The g:complete_parameter_log_level option

This option set the log level.
5: disable log. 4: only print error log.
2: print error and debug log.
1: print error, debug, trace log.
Default: 5

let g:complete_parameter_log_level = 5

The g:complete_parameter_use_ultisnips_mappings option

If this option is 1 and you use ultisnips together, it will use ultisnips mapping to goto next or previous parameter.
default: 0

let g:complete_parameter_use_ultisnips_mapping = 0

The g:complete_parameter_echo_signature option

It will echo signature if this option is 1. (need to set noshowmode or set cmdheight=2) default: 1

let g:complete_parameter_echo_signature = 1

The g:complete_parameter_py_keep_value option

It will keep default value if this option is 1 for python.
For example, if the definition is def foo(a=1, b=2), it will complete (a=1, b=2) if its value is 1. Otherwise, it will complete (a, b). If there are = in the completion, the jump to action only select the value, but not parameter name. It will select 1 and then 2 in the previous example. default: 1

let g:complete_parameter_py_keep_value = 1

The g:complete_parameter_py_remove_default option

It will remove default parametrs if this option is 1 for python.
For example, if the definition is def foo(a, b=1), it will complete (a) if its value is 1. Otherwise, it will complete (a, b). default: 1

let g:complete_parameter_py_remove_default = 1


The cell mark āˆš means the completion engine has supported the language by itself. Of course, you must install the completion engine for the language follow its document.
The plugin in the cell was supported with the completion engine.

YouCompleteMe deoplete neocomplete clang_complete
c āˆš deoplete-clang clang_complete āˆš
cpp āˆš deoplete-clang clang_complete āˆš
go āˆš vim-go vim-go
python āˆš deoplete-jedi jedi-vim
rust āˆš deoplete-rust vim-racer
javascript āˆš deoplete-ternjs tern_for_vim
typescript āˆš nvim-typescript tsuquyomi
erlang vim-erlang-omnicomplete vim-erlang-omnicomplete vim-erlang-omnicomplete

Setting for completion plugins


let g:racer_experimental_completer = 1


if !exists('g:neocomplete#force_omni_input_patterns')
    let g:neocomplete#force_omni_input_patterns = {}
let g:neocomplete#force_omni_input_patterns.javascript = '[^. \t]\.\w*'


let g:tsuquyomi_completion_detail = 1
if !exists('g:neocomplete#force_omni_input_patterns')
    let g:neocomplete#force_omni_input_patterns = {}
let g:neocomplete#force_omni_input_patterns.typescript = '[^. *\t]\.\w*\|\h\w*::'


Can't work with plugin auto-pairs use the default mapping (

Because the auto-pairs use inoremap to mapping the keys. It can't call this plugin after the auto-pairs process. You can add the following setting to you .vimrc, and it'll work well.

let g:AutoPairs = {'[':']', '{':'}',"'":"'",'"':'"', '`':'`'}
inoremap <buffer><silent> ) <C-R>=AutoPairsInsert(')')<CR>

Can't jump to next parameter

If you use ultinsips, you must load ultisnips before this plugin. In other words, if you use plug to load plugins, Plug 'SirVer/ultisnips' must before Plug 'tenfyzhong/CompleteParameter.vim' in your vimrc.

How to accept the selected function but not parameters

You can type <c-y> key to accept the selected function and stop completion. When the popup menu is disappeared, the parameters will not be insert.

The mapping <c-j> doesn't jump to the next parameter, but delete the selected words.

If you use neosnippet, Please set g:neosnippet#disable_select_mode_mappings to 0. It will remove all select mappings. If you don't use neosnippet, please send me a issue, and give me the plugins you are using.


Contributions and pull requests are welcome.



MIT License Copyright (c) 2017 tenfyzhong


Complete parameter after select the completion. Integration with YouCompleteMe(ycm), deoplete, neocomplete.

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