Lab Experiments :


Design, develop, and implement the following programs using OpenGL API

  1. Implement Brenhamโ€™s line drawing algorithm for all types of slope.

  2. Create and rotate a triangle about the origin and a fixed point.

  3. Draw a colour cube and spin it using OpenGL transformation matrices. Modelling a Coloured Cube

  4. Draw a color cube and allow the user to move the camera suitably to experiment with perspective viewing. Positioning of Camera

  5. Clip a lines using Cohen-Sutherland algorithm

  6. To draw a simple shaded scene consisting of a tea pot on a table. Define suitably the position and properties of the light source along with the properties of the surfaces of the solid object used in the scene. Lighting and Shading

  7. Design, develop and implement recursively subdivide a tetrahedron to form 3D sierpinski gasket. The number of recursive steps is to be specified by the user. sierpinski gasket

  8. Develop a menu driven program to animate a flag using Bezier Curve algorithm

  9. Develop a menu driven program to fill the polygon using scan line algorithm


Student should develop mini project on the topics mentioned below or similar applications using Open GL API. Consider all types of attributes like color, thickness, styles, font, background, speed etc., while doing mini project.

(During the practical exam: the students should demonstrate and answer Viva-Voce)

Sample Topics:

Simulation of concepts of OS, Data structures, algorithms etc.

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