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Angular Git Commit Guidelines with Emojis

This is a fork from conventional-changelog-angular.

install with npm

npm install --save-dev conventional-changelog-angular-emoji

install with yarn

yarn add --dev conventional-changelog-angular-emoji

Update Information:

Update commit convention from Angular 1x to Angular 2x.

  • added: build, ci


feat(xxx): :sparkles: Features your commit message

fix(xxx): :bug: Bug Fixes

docs(xxx): :book: Documentation

style: :gem: Styles

refactor: :package: Code Refactoring

perf(xxx): :rocket: Performance Improvements

test(xxx): :rotating_light: Tests

build(xxx): :construction_worker: Build

ci(xxx): :computer: Continuous Integration

chore(xxx): :ticket: Chores

revert(xxx): :back: Reverts

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Conventional Changelog Angular Emoji

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