Conversational UI web app experiment. Demo



Built upon the structure Category -> Sub-category -> Info as defined in js/app.js. Also check this file for customising the selection of replies, randomly selected for each step. See this repo for a real world example using AJAX for content.


Content view for the info step is defined here under .content div. Id's from menu and submenu need to be combined.


This project mainly uses ES2015 JavaScript features. Can be run in Chrome or Safari Technical Preview without a hitch, but needs transpilation with Babel for other browsers using Gulp.

To transpile, install Node.js and Gulp if you haven't already. Then install the project dependencies required, listed in package.json, with:

npm install

Then run the transpile task defined in gulpfile.js:

gulp js

This transpiles and minifies to js/app.min.js.

Conversational UI

Conversational interface web app example

Conversational UI Info

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