Declarative way to describe a Core Data model in code. Swifty Core Data model 🙂


Use CoreDataModelDescription to describe your model. Sample code describes this model:

Image of Author, Publication, and Article model

Assuming you already defined Author, Publication, and Article subclasses of NSManagedObject.

let modelDescription = CoreDataModelDescription(
    entities: [
            name: "Author",
            managedObjectClass: Author.self,
            attributes: [
                .attribute(name: "name", type: .stringAttributeType)
            relationships: [
                .relationship(name: "publications", destination: "Publication", toMany: true, deleteRule: .cascadeDeleteRule, inverse: "author", ordered: true)
            name: "Publication",
            managedObjectClass: Publication.self,
            attributes: [
                .attribute(name: "publicationDate", type: .dateAttributeType),
                .attribute(name: "numberOfViews", type: .integer64AttributeType, isOptional: true)
            relationships: [
                .relationship(name: "author", destination: "Author", toMany: false, inverse: "publications")
            name: "Article",
            managedObjectClass: Article.self,
            parentEntity: "Publication",
            attributes: [
                .attribute(name: "text", type: .stringAttributeType)

let model = modelDescription.makeModel()


Motivation and creating this package described in my article Core Data and Swift Package Manager.

This package is still on early stage of development. Please submit issues for missing functionality. Pull requests are more than welcome.

Core Data Model Description

Declarative way to describe a Core Data model in code.

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