CorePlus Bot Template

A Microsoft Bot Framework v4 template (Node.js and TypeScript) that will let you quickly set up a Transactional, Question and Answer, and Conversational AI chatbot. This is an extension of a previous version of the Microsoft Core Bot template (Node.js) suported by the Yeoman generator generator-botbuilder.

CorePlus Bot Template

This chatbot has been created using Bot Framework.

The CorePlus Bot Template shows how to:

  • Display a Welcome Card, using Adaptive Card technology
  • Use LUIS to model Greetings, Help, Joke, Profanity and Cancel interactions
  • Use QnA Maker to model free form interactions, including chit-chat and Question Answer
  • Use a Waterfall dialog to model multi-turn conversation flow
  • Use custom prompts to validate user input
  • Store conversation and user state
  • Handle conversation interruptions
  • Allow Cancelation and Confirmation of an ongoing dialog
  • Use Yes/No synonyms for Yes/No answerable questions
  • Use a Restart command to restart the conversation from scratch
  • Send Typing indicator messages when you consider appropriate
  • Implement internationalization and multilingual conversation
  • Use a Web Chat as a Minimizable Web Chat Component with no React

For more info, visit CorePlus: a Microsoft Bot Framework v4 template

Template versions

The CorePlus Bot Template is available in two language versions:

A functional Proof of Concept

Want to see a functional PoC created with this template in action? Watch a video of HAL Fintech Chatbot, a Personal Finance Management assistant that can track income and expenses. It can also retrieve information from the previous transactions on the following concepts:

  • Account balance
  • Income and Expenses data
  • Largest income and expenses
  • Budget evaluation at any given time

You can use query filters like:

  • Date (current or a specific date, or a date range)
  • Combined with source, concept, amount, place, item and/or category

HAL Fintech Chatbot can also answer common financial questions and can have small talks. All interactions are carry out in free-form text conversations with NLP.


This template is released under the terms of the MIT License. See License for more information.



CorePlus: a Microsoft Bot Framework v4 template (Node.js and TypeScript)

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