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CoronaInfoBD is a web site which tracks the COVID-19 affect of Bangladesh. This site provides the total number of affected people, deaths, recovered patients, active cases and so on. It also provides some other features which includes visual mapping of how COVID-19 is spreading, statistical charts of infected number of people over time, deaths and recovered number of people over time, hotline number and many more.

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How it will help us?

As it provides real data and visual mapping of spreading COVID-19, mass people will have a overall idea of current situation of COVID-19 and how the virus is spreading.

What are the features it is providing us? :raised_eyebrow:

  • Summary of COVID-19, which includes total number of infected people, deaths, number of recovered patients of World and Bangladesh. Also it provides number of active cases, new cases and deaths of last 24 hours, tests, cases, deaths per one million.

  • Case study, where you will have a proper mind of all cases till now and the description of how many people were affected and which date they were affected.

  • Charts, here it provides two type of charts, calendar chart and are chart which visualize the time series of affected, deaths and recovered people.

  • Map district information with division total in responsive map visualization

  • Hotline numbers that are provided from IEDCR. You can easily call those number in your emergency by tapping on the numbers. Also there is a map where you find the location of the hospitals of Bangladesh where COVID-19 can be cured.

  • FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions. Questions that most of the people ask about corona virus. We tried to answer some of the questions according to WHO.

  • Advice for public, some graphical images from WHO to rise awareness among mass public.

  • Day/Night Mode as most of the people prefer night mode, so we made sure to have a day/night mode in our application.

Is it responsive? :confused:

Yes. We tried our best to make it responsive so that people can get proper view of the site whatever the device they use to access in the site.

I have a question. Where should I ask? :thinking:

If you have any query, feature request or if you find any kind of bug :beetle: in our site please let us know by simply opening a issue here.

API sources that we've used so far :fire:

  • World, Bangladesh and More info data
  • Chart Visualization
  • Map Visualization
  • Dhaka city affected areas (table)

Can I contribute in this project? :smiley:

Of course you can. It is an open source project. If you want to contribute with us follow the procedures -

  • Fork the repository in your github account.
  • Clone it in your local and do the changes you want.
  • Make a PR with proper documentation of what you did as they say Lack of proper documentation is becoming a problem for acceptence :wink:

Contributor :nerd_face:

Contributors who have worked hard to keep this application up to date are -

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Real-time corona-virus tracker of Bangladesh šŸ‡§šŸ‡© which includes latest updates, data visualization, public awareness from WHO and some advice to aware people. šŸ„°ā¤

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