COVID-19 Visualizations

Visualizations of the novel coronavirus using data science and machine learning techniques. Please feel free to contribute by sending issues or pull requests. I will do my best effort to update this daily. There is a lot of reading and writing of data involved, so the notebook tends to take around 30 minutes to completely run a fresh copy of the notebook. Apoligies in advanced if this causes your browser to crash because of high RAM usage (Runs okay on my machine with 8GB of RAM and in Chrome). At the time of making this project, I have never formally studied data science or machine learning yet, so feedback is much appreciated. I was able to build this project through extensive documentation reading of the data science and machine learning packages, and I may be missing more efficient ways to run my code.

If your intentions are to use this for a school project or personal project, please star or fork this repository and email [email protected]. I am interested in what you are willing to create or have created with my code or visualizations

Stay Strong, Stay Home, and Save Lives

COVID-19 Confirmed


COVID-19 Daily Report and Data Analysis

This will be updated bidaily. Watch or star for the latest updates!

COVID-19 Worldwide Cases

Cases are still rising alarmingly high. Cases have surpassed over 4 million. Over 1.5 million have recovered and over 100,000 have died from the novel coronavirus.

Global Statistics

COVID-19 Active Cases Worldwide

Cases are about to hit 2.5 million. As many countries and government have started and extended lockdowns, number of active cases are starting to slowly grow and the curve is starting to flatten.

Global Active Statistics

Where It All Began (China)

China started lockdowns on January 23rd. China's effective lockdown measures have resulted in a good recovery. China has slowly started going back to normal life, while still taking precautions of a second wave. As of May 11th, 2020, China has reported a new cluster of virus, since the lifting of the lockdown.

china china

South Korea's Quick Response with Contact Tracing and Extensive Testing

South Korea's quick reponse and preparedness due to their previous experience with MERS in 2015 showed success in handling the coronavirus without having a major lockdown through extensive testing and contact tracing. They were able to effectively keep under 10,000 active cases.

korea korea

The Last of US

Level of disorganized and opposing views of public health has caused economies to shut down during lockdowns and not take the virus to serious measures. Note: I chose to max out confirmed cases by county to 1000 people and deaths to 100 people. I believe that 1000 people infected in a local county is alarming, and the same case for 100 people who died from COVID-19 in a county. I'm trying to point out the severity of the spread of COVID-19 rather than the number of cases, which a line graph does a much better job at

us us

COVID-19 Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths

"The Coronavirus Wave"

The novel coronavirus has spread westward and the US will probably be the latest to recover fully based on the data and statistics. Eastern Asia also have to take serious precautions for a second wave, which could lead to another "coronavirus wave" westwards.

COVID-19 Confirmed on Map

So... How Bad is it Over Here?

Showcasing the top 5 highest COVID-19 cases by states.

New York

New York city has it the worst with over 300,000 cases, but curve is being slowly flattened because of the lockdown that started in March 22nd.


New Jersey







LA area is spreading more and more rapidly, as well as the Bay Area. Internships and jobs are being cancelled or remote for many of the big tech companies. Following the "coronavirus wave" concept, California may very well be the last state to recover fully from this epidemic.


Using Data Science and Machine Learning to Code the Coronavirus

This next section is devoted to explaining how the code works.


This project uses Pandas, NumPy, MatPlotLib, GeoPandas, and Descartes, plotly, and Selenium. All the code needed to run is in COVID19 Visualizations.ipynb. Please make sure you have installed the all the Python libraries before you run the code. Also make sure to install ffmpeg if you want to compile graphics into video.


NYTimes database was used for United States of America data and JHU CSSE database was used for international data. Repository is updated bidaily as both databases update around 12 hours apart. Notebook is conveniently coded with UNIX commands so that all it takes to update the visualizations is a simple restart and rerun of the kernel.

Core Functions

country(country_name, data)

Displays the graphs of a country associated with the type of data (confirmed, deaths, or recovered)


Displays the graphs of all the types of data for a given country


Displays the graph of active cases of COVID-19 for a given country. Calculated by active = confirmed - deaths - recovered


Displays the all graph for a list of given countries. All on top of each other for comparison of statistics.

Update Functions


Updates/overwrites all the graphs by country and data type (confirmed, deaths, recovered) in the cases_country_individual/ directory.


Updates/overwrites all the graphs by country and all data types in the cases_country/ directory


Updates/overwrites all the graphs of active cases by country in the cases_country_active/ directory

Global Statistics


Updates/overwrites the worldwide COVID-19 cases. Saved in the main directory as COVID19_worldwide.png

Global Statistics


Updates/overwrites the worldwide COVID-19 active cases. Saved in the main directory as COVID19_worldwide_active.png

Global Active Statistics

Geo Functions

These functions utilize the GeoPandas library to visualize COVID-19 cases on the map.


Uses ffmpeg to compile into video and gif format.



Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Worldwide

COVID-19 Confirmed on Map

Deaths from COVID-19 Worldwide

COVID-19 Deaths on Map

Recovered COVID-19 Cases Worldwide

COVID-19 Recovered on Map

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases by County in United States

COVID-19 Confirmed

COVID-19 Deaths by County in United States

COVID-19 Deaths

US Citizens Who Always Wears Masks


US Citizens Who Always Wears Masks


US Citizens Who Always Wears Masks


US Citizens Who Always Wears Masks


US Citizens Who Always Wears Masks


Data Sources

I used the dataset provided by the NYTimes. Although the dataset provided by JHU CSSE provides international data, the NYTimes has more specific metadata that is useful in analyzing the United States data like coronavirus cases by states and cities. COVID-19 cases are rising dangerously high in United States at the time of writing this. The NYTimes has already displayed useful statistics with their own database, but I decided to take it one step further and implement time factor.

Other Resources

World Meters Coronavirus Tracker

Covid 19 Visualizations

Visualizations of the novel coronavirus using data science and machine learning techniques

Covid 19 Visualizations Info

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