COVID-19 Animation Generator

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Generates an animation based on COVID-19 daily data.




  • Node 16.x
  • GNU make


  • Run: npm install


  • Run: make


node dist/main

The data is downloaded automatically


All parameters are optional.

  • --help: Displays a help message and exits.
  • --source: Sets the data source. Default: global. See the contents of config.json, section dataSources, for possible values.
  • --filter: Filters the series configurations from the datasource using its code. Multiple codes can be included, separated by comma.
  • --schema: Sets the color schema. Default: dark. Possible values:
    • dark: Dark theme
  • --days: Number of days for which the animation will be generated. Default: 30. Use 0 to plot all days.
  • --frames: Number of frames per day. Default: 30.
  • --extraFrames: Number of extra frames for the last image. Default: 300.
  • --horizontalAxisLabel: Horizontal axis label. Default: "total confirmed cases (log)".
  • --verticalAxisLabel: Vertical axis label. Default: "new confirmed cases (log, last week)".
  • --zoomEasing: Easing function for the zoom effect. Default: easeInOutCubic.
  • --timebarEasing: Easing function for the timebar. Default: linear.
  • --dateFormat: Sets the date format based on the Luxon tokens. Default: yyyy-MM-dd.
  • --drawMarkers: Draws series markers over the scale. Disabled by default.
  • --skipZoom: Skips the zoom effect. Enabled by default.
  • --hideWatermark: Hides the watermark. Enabled by default.
  • --seriesLineWidth: Series line width. Default: 3.
  • --horizontalMin: Horizontal scale minimum. Default: dynamic.
  • --horizontalMax: Horizontal scale maximum. Default: dynamic.
  • --verticalMin: Vertical scale minimum. Default: dynamic.
  • --verticalMax: Vertical scale maximum. Default: dynamic.
  • --scale: Scale. Default: log. Possible values:
    • log: Logaritmic (log10)
    • linear: Linear scale
    • linear-center: Linear scale for stacked area center
    • linear-avg7: Liner scale with 7 days change average
  • --scaleDateFormat: Date format for the scale labels. Applies only for linear scale. Default: MM/dd.
  • --scaleNumberFormat: Number format for the scale labels. Applies only for linear scale. Default: suffix. Possible values:
    • suffix: 1K for 1,000, 2K for 2,000, etc
    • plain: Plain number
    • spanish: Number in Spanish format (#.###)
  • --stackedAreaNumberFormat: Number format for the stacked area number label. Default: plain. Possible values:
    • plain: Plain number
    • english: Number in English format (#,###)
    • spanish: Number in Spanish format (#.###)
  • --stackedAreaIncludePercentage: Include percentage in the stacked area label. Default: true. Possible values:
    • true: Display the percentage
    • false: Do not display the percentage
  • --horizontalJump: Distance between scale labels (horizontal axis).
  • --verticalJump: Distance between scale labels (vertical axis).
  • --horizontalLines: Horizontal lines with format numericvalue:label (example: 10:mylabel, multiple lines separated by comma)
  • --verticalLines: Vertical lines with format numericvalue:label (example: 10:mylabel, multiple lines separated by comma)
  • --singleDynamicScale: Use single axis to calculate the dynamic scale.
  • --type: Chart type. Default: line. Possible values:
    • line: Line chart
    • stacked-area: Stacked area
  • --outputDirectory: Output directory. If the value starts with /, it will be read as an absolute path. Otherwise, it will be relative to the project root. Default value: output.
  • --debug: Prints debugging information to the console and the output images.
  • --sample: Overrides frame configuration to output only one frame as a sample.
  • --useAreaColor: Uses areaColor instead of color to draw line graphs.


  • node dist/main
  • node dist/main --source global
  • node dist/main --layout square
  • node dist/main --source us --layout vertical
  • node dist/main --source us --layout vertical --frames 20


The generated images will be in the output directory

Generate animation

You can generate an animation (60 fps). Requires ffmpeg. Run:

npm run video

The video will be here: output/animation.mp4

If you used --outputDirectory to generate the images, you can pass the directory path to the video script as:

npm run video -- /tmp/some/temporary/directory

Covid19 Animation Generator

Generates an animation of COVID-19 data

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