Covid19 timeseries data

Covid19 timeseries data store

This is data repository for Covid19 history. Webcrawlers is taking snapshot for every GMT 00:00 sources below and converting to CSV. There are some data normalization steps for different sources like country code or other stuffs. Sometimes there is some data inconsistency between days, we are keeping update, if newly counts lower than older, we are updating older rows.

*If you feel wrong data for own country, please open an issue.


Country data countryReport/country/{countryCode}.csv

Daily Data countryReport/daily/{YYYY-MM-DD}.csv

Raw Data countryReport/raw/rawReport.csv

Customized Country Codes

X1: Diamon Princess

X2: Jersey and Guernsey is assumed to be Channel Islands

X3: MS Zaandam

Data sources

Covid19 Timeseries

Covid19 timeseries data store

Covid19 Timeseries Info

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