A Covid19 app that shows all statistics about it.

It fetches the most recent data about corona virus cases from across the world and shows them in simple and easy to understand interface. It also gives the report of a particular country, which you can select.

It also have a refresh button that will load the most recent data for you without restarting the app.

Source of Data

Special thanks to Novel Covid API for providing free APIs to fetch data.


Development Setup

  • If you already have flutter and your preffered IDE installed on your system, move to next step. If not, please install flutter and all its requirements first. Refer this link : Getting started with flutter and complete all the steps.

  • Now, after completing flutter setup, clone this repository on your machine.

    git clone
  • Now open your preferred IDE (I prefer Android Studio), and click on open the project directory which you cloned.

Found a Bug ?

If you find any bug or have any feature request, feel free to raise an issue or contact me on :

If you want to contribute to this project please create a pull request.

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An android app to track all details about Covid-19 cases.

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