What is it?

Crackerer is simple bruteforce-based application written in node.js that allows you to check for unique steam names.

How to use it?

It's very simple. All you need to do is install steam-web package from node package manager by typing npm i steam-web --save in your terminal, request for steam web api key here and paste it into your config.json. After doing that, you should launch the app (node app.js). Bruteforce dictionary format is words separated by new line.

Note (!)

If you dont have basic knowledge about programming, navigate to RELEASES tab on repository page and download the latest crackerer version 🐢

Commands documentation

command argument explaination
interval int Time, that app will wait before each check.
path string Path to our bruteforce dictionary.
mode profile/group Sets cracking mode.
check string Checks single URL specified in argument.
save - Saves output to the text file.
author - Prints info about author to console.
clear - Clears the console.
start - Starts the bruteforce.
exit - Terminates process.
help - Prints all commands with explainations.


Crackerer is simple app that allows you to fast-check if Steam custom profile URL is not claimed.

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