Cry: SageMath/Python Toolkit for Cryptanalytic Research

This repository contains a bunch of various crypto-related algorithms implemented in Python 3 and SageMath. Pure Python code is located in cry/py package and can be imported from python code. The other modules must be imported from the SageMath interpreter.

The most significant part is formed by S-Box analysis algorithms, implemented in the cry.sbox2.SBox2 class, which is similar to from sage.crypto.SBox but is much more rich. Another cool S-Box library is SboxU by LÊo Perrin. It contains some more advanced algorithms, highly recommended!

WARNING: This library is not well-shaped yet and many things (including API and structure) may change in future. For now, I will try to keep compatability only for minor versions. That is, lock to the minor version if you use this package.

NOTE Before, this library was called cryptools, but since this name is used on PyPI, I decided to switch to cry, which is shorter.

Currently, there is no documentation but examples will be added soon.


# for SageMath
$ sage pip install -U cry
# for python3
$ pip3 install -U cry

Previous python2 version (cryptools) can be found in the tag py2-arhived.


For development or building this repository, poetry is needed.


SageMath/Python Toolkit for Cryptanalytic Research

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