CS2X - C# / CSharp Transpiler

This project is for doing preliminary experiments to compile a C# 3.0 subset using Roslyn to portable C. This will come with a micro deterministic GC/defragger that targets embedded devices with 1kb or higher and also a similar GC used on legacy hardware targets such as classic mac for example [or anything else] (think macOS9, SNES, DOS, Arduino, RISC-V, MIPS, SPARK, PPC, Homebrew etc). The point is to run C# in an optimized fashion across unsupported .NET targets with minimal effort. Testing on old/different compilers and toolchains will prove that point.

Much of the work done here "at minimum" will be used in the ReignSDK for a C# to Shader-Lang transpiler.

If the C# to C compiler works out well, I may try to transpile C# to other langs listed below.

  • CS2SL [C# to ShaderLang]
  • CS2C [C# to C]
  • CS2CPP [C# to C++]
  • CS2N [C# to Nim]
  • CS2D [C# to D]
  • CS2GO [C# to Go]
  • CS2JV [C# to Java]
  • CS2JS [C# to javaScript]
  • CS2PY [C# to Python]
  • CS2AS [C# to ActionScript]


CS2X - C# Transpiler experiments (Powered by Roslyn)

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