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A pure-Java implementation of group operations on Curve25519.

Requires Java 7 or higher. Requires JDK 10 or higher to build.



implementation 'cafe.cryptography:curve25519-elisabeth:0.1.0'

Apache Maven



To view the public-facing API documentation, first build it:

./gradlew javadoc

Then open build/docs/javadoc/index.html in your browser.

Internal documentation

The unstable internal implementation details are also documented. To build them:

./gradlew internalDocs

Then open build/docs/internal/index.html in your browser.


The curve25519-elisabeth types are designed to make illegal states unrepresentable. For example, any instance of an EdwardsPoint is guaranteed to hold a point on the Edwards curve, and any instance of a RistrettoElement is guaranteed to hold a valid element in the Ristretto group.

These guarantees only hold if the internal implementation details of the types are opaque. We use several techniques to achieve this in modern Java environments:

  • For all classes that implement, the serialization APIs are overridden to use the encoded form of the respective type, instead of directly serializing the internal representation.

  • For Java 9 and above, when this library is in the module path, reflection cannot be used to access non-public classes or fields.

Usage of Java's reflection APIs on types from this library (in legacy environments or configurations where it is possible to do so) is NOT supported.

All operations are implemented using constant-time logic (no secret-dependent branches, no secret-dependent memory accesses), unless specifically marked as being variable-time code. However, while our constant-time logic is lowered to constant-time JVM bytecode, we cannot guarantee that the JVM will not figure out ways to optimise away constant-time logic.


curve25519-elisabeth is authored by Jack Grigg.

The field arithmetic was originally extracted from Jack's Java Ed25519 library, which was in turn a port of the reference ref10 implementation.

Test vectors, and the UnpackedScalar arithmetic, were ported from curve25519-dalek, authored by isis agora lovecruft and Henry de Valence. Their library has also influenced the design of this one.

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curve25519-elisabeth contains an experimental implementation of the Ristretto prime-order group.

Curve25519 Elisabeth

Pure Java implementation of group operations on ristretto255 and Curve25519

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