A collection of scripts to demonstrate the use of the new Python classes for loading and parsing CWL v1.0 documents.

cwl_utils/ was created via schema-salad-tool --codegen python


Requires Python 3.6.x or Python 3.7

git clone
virtualenv -p python3.6 venv3.6
source venv3.6/bin/activate
pip install cwl-utils


Pull the image with Docker

This is the default behaviour:

python DIRECTORY path_to_my_workflow.cwl

Pull the image with Singularity

python --singularity DIRECTORY path_to_my_workflow.cwl


To regenerate install schema_salad package and run:

schema-salad-tool --codegen python \


To release CWLUtils, bump the version in cwl_utils/, and tag that commit with the new version. TravisCI should release that tag.

Cwl Utils

Python 3.6+ utilities for CWL

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