Spectrum Analyzer Demo

See it here: https://d3-spectrum.herokuapp.com

This is a spectrum analyzer demo that I did for fun using the HTML5 Web Audio API, dsp.js and d3.js.

Local Installation

There is a config.ru file included so that you can serve the project locally using Rack assuming you have Ruby installed

git clone [email protected]:arirusso/d3-audio-spectrum.git

cd d3-audio-spectrum

bundle install

rackup config.ru

A frequency sweep mp3 is included for demo purposes but any audio file can be used.


Ari Russo <ari.russo at gmail.com>


Apache 2.0, See the file LICENSE

Copyright (c) 2012 Ari Russo

D3 Audio Spectrum

Spectrum analysis demo using D3 and HTML5 audio

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