Image DATAGERRY is an OpenSource CMDB & Asset Management Tool, which completely leaves the definition of a data model to the user.

Key Functions:

  • Define your own object types (e.g. router, server, location) in a simple webfrontend
  • Add objects manually or import them from a CSV, Excel, XML, JSON file
  • Define automated exports to external systems (e.g. Monitoring Systems, Config Management, Backup, Ticket Systems, DNS, ...)
  • Use one of our APIs to integrate your systems
  • ...and many many more features on the roadmap - we just started

Key Facts:

  • Define your own data model
  • Automate your IT with exporting assets to external systems
  • OpenSource (AGPLv3)

See DATAGERRY website for more details!

Getting Started

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Enterprise-Grade OpenSource CMDB with flexible data model.

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