A modern apm solution for enterprise, an open-source alternative to DataDog, New Relic, etc.

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Datav is a modern apm solution for enterprises: 👉 100% open source, keep your source code and data in your own infra

👉 Grafana like ui, more beautiful and powerful, seamlessly integrated with APM features.

👉 Unified UI for traces,metrics,logs, so you can see them in the same place, solve problems much more quickly and very convenient for ops

👉 Datav is built in GO、RUST and Clickhouse, so it's lightning fast. This will help you SAVE huge amount of COST

Some Features

  • Traces,Metrics,Logs native support for @open-telemetry
  • Plugins grafana like plugins,build your own charts
  • Dynamic Dashboards grafana like dashboard
  • Interactive Panel You can set click events for panels, like: go to a page, set variable etc
  • Beautifult Large Screen Customize your own big data large screen,it's very very cool
  • Alerting Visually define alert rules for your most important metrics
  • Teams and ACL Besides global dashboards, you can create teams, manage and share dashboards in your team
  • Custom sidemenu Link dashboards to sidemenu items, build your own sidemenu and websites.



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📊 is a modern APM, provide observability for your business, application and infrastructure. It's also a lightweight alternative to Grafana.

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