A library for adding events to popular calendar apps.

It provides full support for .ics files for iCalendar and Office Outlook, and also supports Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar and Outlook Web.

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Quick Start


yarn add datebook


import { ICalendar } from 'datebook'

const config: CalendarOptions = {
  title: 'Happy Hour',
  location: 'The Bar, New York, NY',
  description: 'Let\'s blow off some steam with a tall cold one!',
  start: new Date('2022-07-08T19:00:00'),
  end: new Date('2022-07-08T23:30:00'),
  attendees: [
      name: 'John Doe',
      email: '[email protected]',
      icsOptions: {
        rsvp: true
      name: 'Jane Doe',
      email: '[email protected]'
  // an event that recurs every two weeks:
  recurrence: {
    frequency: 'WEEKLY',
    interval: 2

const icalendar = new ICalendar(config)


With a reminder
    description: 'Remember this event'
    trigger: {
      minutes: 10

This will add a reminder that shows 10 minutes before the event.

With multiple events
const secondEvent = new ICalendar({
  title: 'Monthly Meeting with Boss Man',
  location: 'Conference Room 2A, Big Company, Brooklyn, NY',
  description: 'Meeting to discuss weekly things',
  start: new Date('2022-07-08T19:00:00'),
  recurrence: {
    frequency: 'MONTHLY'


This will add a second event to the same .ics file.

Adding other ICS properties
icalendar.addProperty('CATEGORIES', 'MEETINGS,MANAGEMENT')

This will add the CATEGORIES ICS property to the iCalendar instance.


This will download Happy Hour.ics onto the user's device. On most mobile devices, this will open the default calendar app with the event.

Google Calendar

const googleCalendar = new GoogleCalendar(config)


googleCalendar.render() will return a URL that the user can navigate to and pre-fill event details:'s%20blow%20off%20some%20steam%20with%20a%20tall%20cold%20one!&location=The%20Bar%2C%20New%20York%2C%20NY&dates=20220708T190000%2F20220708T230000&recur=RRULE%3AFREQ%3DWEEKLY%3BINTERVAL%3D1

Browser Support

The latest versions of all major browsers are supported.

Chrome logo Firefox logo Internet Explorer logo Edge Browser Logo Opera logo Safari logo
Yes ✅ 20+ ✅ 11+ ✅ Yes ✅ 15+ ✅ 10.1+ ✅


📅 Generates URLs and downloadable ICS files for adding events to popular calendar apps.

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