Simple dashboard for monitoring CPAN modules

Simple Set-Up

To configure this system to work with your system, do the following:

  • Register with Travis-CI and Coveralls using your Github login
  • Activate the repos that you want to report on in both Travis-CI and Coveralls
  • Add the simple .travis.yml file to your repos
  • Edit the dashboard.json file so it is configured correctly
  • Push changes to your repos
  • Run dashboard

Note: For (slightly) more detail about setting up Travis-CI and Coveralls, see my presentation on the subject.

Sample .travis.yml

A simple .travis.yml for a a CPAN module looks like this.

language: perl
  - "5.12"
  - "5.14"
  - "5.16"
  - "5.18"
  - "5.20"

  cpanm -n Devel::Cover::Report::Coveralls
  perl Build.PL && ./Build build && cover -test -report coveralls

This works well for most of my CPAN modules.


You configure the system by editing dashboard.json. There are two main sections in the file.

  • author - information about the author of the modules.
    • github - your Github username.
    • cpan - your CPAN username.
  • output - various output parameters
    • file - the name of the output file.
    • template - the name of the input template.
    • title - the title to use on the output page.
    • menu - a list of menu items to appear in header of the output page. Each item should be a JSON object with a link attribute and a title attribute.
    • analytics - a Google Analytics code. If this is given, then a Google Analytics section is added to the output.


You can see this code in action at https://cpandashboard.com/DAVECROSS/.


Simple code build dashboard

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