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We have made a router, the Dawn R1, which happens to handily double as a computer which is equipped with an Amlogic S922x CPU and adequate RAM and SSD storage. This router makes an ideal development setup and comes pre-stocked with an opinionated golang development environment. Developers do not need this router to participate, however fresh developers and experts alike will appreciate its isolated development environment that allows for fast, known-good development against our stack. If you've any questions about the router or would like to buy one (sold at cost to developers who have made code commits to our projects) please contact Jacob Gadikian at jacobgadikian@gmail.com.

Open Source [Open source] can change the world for the better. Drug patents are morally bankrupt. The time it takes to copy a product is more than enough time for any exclusivity: Patent and copyright laws were made in the 1800s and a spineless, cowardly American government too focused on warfare abroad to even be capable of ensuring the well-being of its own people, let alone anyone else's has tried to make its copyright agenda the global norm. And that should be fine with you-- if you're Coca-Cola, or Microsoft, or Google, or Facebook, or Apple, or Michael Jackons's heirs. But you're not any of those (even if you're on the board of one of the entities I named)-- you are YOU. So-- when's the last time copyright/patent law did anything good for YOU? Copyrights that were intended to last for no longer than seven years now last 25 years longer than the author's lifespan. There is absolutley no way that patents and copyrights aren't holding back the pace of innovation. This is 100% open source software. We're working very hard to ship it on 100% open source hardware, but things are so far gone that isn't even possible for our first revision, despite our efforts to do so.


global hosting, financial automation, server-less web components

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