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npm install dbless-email-verification


yarn add dbless-email-verification


This package eliminates the need for storing and querying a token in the database for verifying an email.


Generate a hash for the email id using the exported generateVerificationHash function and send a verification link containing the hash to that email. The verification url in the email would have a struture similar to this https://yourdomain.com/verifyemail/?&[email protected]&verificationHash=5b1c6fab1937fdb9654879c73218d6a6142c614c8e347b45105cb50f2aea9949.1570901998569

Argument Required default Description
email true N/A Email to verify
secret true N/A A strong and unique secret key
expiry false 5 For how long the hash should remain valid in minutes. Expressed in minutes.


Pass the email and verification hash extracted from the url to the exported verifyHash function. The function returns true if the email is verified and false if not.

Argument Required default Description
hash true N/A Extracted hash from the url
email true N/A Email to verify
secret true N/A The secret used in the generateVerificationHash function


Generating hash

const { generateVerificationHash } = require('dbless-email-verification');
const hash = generateVerificationHash('[email protected]', 'useyourownsecrethere', 10)
// add the email and generated hash to the verification link

Verifying the hash

const { verifyHash } = require('dbless-email-verification')
// assuming the hash extracted from the verification url is stored in the verificationHash variable
const isEmailVerified = verifyHash(verificationHash, '[email protected]', 'useyourownsecrethere')


This package is influenced by the following npm package and is adopted for a more specific use case https://www.npmjs.com/package/otp-without-db

Dbless Email Verification

Verify user email without database using cryptography

Dbless Email Verification Info

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