DDE Command v1.6


This is a command line (aka console) based tool for querying text data from DDE servers. It provides support for both the synchronous and asynchronous DDE transaction types: XTYP_REQUEST, XTYP_POKE, XTYP_EXECUTE and XTYP_ADVDATA. It also allows for querying running servers with the XTYP_WILDCONNECT transaction type.

This tool forms one part of my DDE toolkit, with the others being:-

DDE Query: My original GUI based DDE query tool. DDE COM Client: A scriptable COM component for accessing DDE servers.


Stable releases are formally packaged and made available from my Win32 tools page: http://www.chrisoldwood.com/win32.htm

The latest code is available from my GitHub repo: https://github.com/chrisoldwood/DDECmd


There is an HTML based manual (DDECmd.html) which can be launched using the --manual switch.


See DevNotes.txt.

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Email: gort@cix.co.uk Web: http://www.chrisoldwood.com

Chris Oldwood 13th January 2017


DDE command line query tool

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