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Generate QR codes in Deno, as base64-encoded images, completely dependency-free and requires no binary.

This is a port of zenozeng/node-yaqrcode, which itself is a port of the QR code generator in the d-project.

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⭐ Getting started

import { qrcode } from "https://deno.land/x/qrcode/mod.ts";
const base64Image = qrcode("bitcoin:ADDRESS?amount=0.5&label=ORDER"); // data:image/gif;base64,...

QR code

You can also add a custom size by specifying size in the second parameter:

const fixedSizeImage = qrcode("bitcoin:ADDRESS?amount=0.5&label=ORDER", { size: 500 });

CLI with DPX

After installing DPX, you can directly use the CLI using the dpx command:

dpx qrcode <text>


Alternatively, you can use it directly from the CLI by using deno run:

deno run https://deno.land/x/qrcode/cli.ts <text>

You can also install it globally using the following:

deno install https://deno.land/x/qrcode/cli.ts

Then, the package is available to run:

qrcode <text>

👩‍💻 Development

Run tests:

deno test


📄 License

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📇 Generate QR code images in Deno

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