logo is a tool to help understand how projects relate to one another. It works by detecting dependencies defined in common manifest files (pom.xml, package.json, go.mod, etc). Using this information, we’re able to answer questions about project dependencies.

  • What versions of do we depend on?
  • Which projects use eslint as a non-dev dependency?
  • What open source libraries do we use the most?

To start using

See our documentation on

To start developing

Take a look at our contributing guidelines and project board.

# setup a workspace for all depscloud
mkdir depscloud && cd $_

# clone necessary repositories
#   - the first is for the source code
#   - the second is for the deployment configuration
git clone [email protected]:depscloud/depscloud.git
git clone [email protected]:depscloud/deploy.git


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Branch Checks

branch workflow coverage dockerfiles workflow goreleaser branch workflow

deps integration workflow extractor integration workflow gateway integration workflow indexer integration workflow tracker integration workflow

Release Checks

extractor-tag workflow goreleaser-tag workflow

extractor docker hub extractor image extractor pulls

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indexer docker hub indexer image indexer pulls

tracker docker hub tracker image tracker pulls

License Checks

fossa analytics


Track, monitor, and connect project dependencies across languages and toolchains.

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