⚠️ After much internal conflict, I've decided to move this project into maintenance mode. This comes after a long 3+ years of working on this project in open source with little to no involvement from others. After trying to present this at several conferences, it's clear either the community isn't ready for or does not require such a building block. Most individuals that have come to the project open issues, but have not seemed interested in contributing anything beyond a ticket. IF interest picks up again, I'm always happy to take the project off the back burner. For now, I'm just too burnt out managing a project that doesn't seem wanted / needed / desired. is a tool to help companies understand what libraries and projects their systems use. It works by detecting dependencies defined in common manifest files (pom.xml, package.json, go.mod, etc). Using this information, we’re able to answer questions about project dependencies.

  • What versions of do we depend on?
  • Which projects use eslint as a non-dev dependency?
  • What open source libraries do we use the most?

To start using

See our documentation on

To start developing

Take a look at our contributing guidelines and project board.

# setup a workspace for all depscloud
mkdir depscloud && cd $_

# clone repository
git clone [email protected]:depscloud/depscloud.git


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fossa analytics


Index and query dependencies across your company's private repositories.

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