dgs19 - Docker Getting Started

Course Description:

This course will explore Docker from the very basics of installation and function to real world use cases. We will talk about Docker architecture in order to provide a better understanding of how to manage Linux Containers using the Docker CLI.

Course Content:

  • About the course
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Installation of Docker and other tools
  • Command line structure - Basic Information
  • Containers lifecycle (run, stop, rm)
  • Docker Networking Basics
  • Container Images - Docker Hub Registry
  • Build Images - The Dockerfile Basics
  • Persistent Data and Volumes
  • Docker Compose: The Multi-Container Tool
  • Introduction to Container Orchestration (Kubernetes and Docker Swarm)
  • Other Resources

Core Objectives:

  • Introduce and Understand Linux Containers
  • The basis of how Docker works
  • How to install the Docker Community Edition
  • How to manage image, containers, networks and volumes
  • Build images using a Dockerfile
  • Tag images and push them to Docker Hub
  • Use Docker Compose to deploy Microservices
  • Explore the Most Common Use Cases for Docker
  • What is container orchestration

Course Slides:

Course Exercises:


  • No paid software required
  • PC (Mac/Windows/Linux) with local admin access to install Docker
  • Linux basics such as shell terminal, ssh and package managers
  • Understand the basics of web and database servers (how they typically communicate, IP's, ports etc.)
  • Have a GitHub and Docker Hub account

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Docker Getting Started

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