Diva Python Tools

A set of python modules to help users with

  1. the preparation of the Diva input files: data, contours, parameters;
  2. the execution of the Diva interpolation tool,
  3. the reading of output files (analysis, finite-element mesh),
  4. the input and output plotting.

Getting started


The Diva interpolation tool has to be installed and compiled on your machine. See the related documentation for the installation.


Clone the package:

git clone [email protected]:gher-ulg/DivaPythonTools.git

or download the latest stable release.

Inside DivaPythonTools directory execute:

pip install -r requirements.txt
python install

After this you should use it as:

from pydiva import pydiva2d, pydiva4d

Module description

The main modules are pydiva2d and pydiva4d, which define the classes for the 2D and 4D version of Diva, respectively.


The module defines classes corresponding to the main Diva input (data, parameters, contours) and output files (analysed and error fields, finite-element mesh).


The module defines classes to run the 4D version of Diva.


The figures can be generated with and without the Basemap module (Plot on map projections).

Some examples obtained with mixed-layer depth (MLD) data are shown below. The complete example to generate these plots is inside the Notebooks directory (run_diva2D_MLD).

The Notebooks directory contains additional examples showing how to run 2D and 4D cases.

Data values

Scatter plot showing the data positions and values.


By default, each sub-contour is displayed in a different color.

Finite-element mesh

Triangular mesh covering the region of interest.

Analysed fields

Pseudo-color plot of the gridded field obtained by the interpolation.

Combined information

Data, contours, mesh and analysis on the same figure.


Diva developments have benefited from the users' feedback and numerous comments, especially during the editions of the Diva workshops.

The present module was initiated in the frame of SeaDataCloud project.


Interface to run Diva software tool (spatial interpolation).

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