================ django-wordpress ================

Models and views for reading a WordPress database. Compatible with WordPress version 3.5+.

django-wordpress is a project of ISL <https://isl.co>_ and the Sunlight Foundation <http://sunlightfoundation.com>_.


Read-only models to protect your content

This package is designed to be read-only. Writing is enabled by adding WP_READ_ONLY = False to settings.py. None of the WordPress specific logic is included while writing to the database so there is a good chance you will break your WordPress install if you enable writing.

WordPress table prefix

The default table prefix is wp. To change the table prefix, add WP_TABLE_PREFIX = 'yourprefix' to settings.py.

Multiple database support

Added the ability to specify which database the WordPress content is coming from. Set it using the WP_DATABASE setting. Defaults to "default".

Database routers need be set to::

DATABASE_ROUTERS = ['wordpress.router.WordpressRouter']

Default templates

Default templates are provided only for development purposes so you can see content in your browser! Please override these with customized templates for your application.

Export Management Commands

  • wpexport Dump published posts in WXR format.
  • wpexportauthors Export authors as CSV.

Working With WordPress Models

Ten most recent published posts::


Posts tagged wordpress::


Post attachments::

for attachment in post.attachments():

Post tags::




pip install the-real-django-wordpress

Add to INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py::


Include the following in urls.py::

url(r'^path/to/blog/', include('wordpress.urls')),

Django Wordpress

WordPress models and views for Django.

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