Diagnostic Log and Trace

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This component provides a log and trace interface, based on the standardised protocol specified in the AUTOSAR standard 4.0 DLT. This software can be used by GENIVI components and other applications as logging framework.

DLT basically consists of 3 components:

  • DLT Library: Enables DLT logging for DLT user applications and temporary storage of log messages if daemon isn't available.
  • DLT Daemon: Receiving log messages from DLT user applications and temporary storage of log messages if client isn't available. Transmit log messages to DLT Client and response to control messages.
  • DLT Client: Receiving and storing log messages from DLT Daemon into one single trace file and sending control message

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Furthermore, the repository contains several adaptors, console utilities as well as test applications.

Build and install

The following packages need to be installed in order to be able to build and install DLT daemon:

  • cmake
  • zlib
  • dbus

On Ubuntu those dependencies can be installed with the following command:

sudo apt-get install cmake zlib1g-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev

To build and install the DLT daemon, follow these steps:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
optional: sudo make install
optional: sudo ldconfig


General Options

Option Value Comment
BUILD_SHARED_LIBS ON Set to OFF to build static libraries
DLT_IPC "FIFO" Set to either "UNIX_SOCKET" or "FIFO"
WITH_DLT_USE_IPv6 ON Set to ON for IPv6 support
WITH_DLT_EXAMPLES ON Set to ON to build src/examples binaries
DLT_USER genivi Set user for process not run as root
WITH_CHECK_CONFIG_FILE OFF Set to ON to create a configure file of CheckIncludeFiles and CheckFunctionExists
WITH_UDP_CONNECTION ON Set to ON to enable dlt UDP multicast SUPPORT

Command Line Tool Options

Option Value Comment
WITH_DLT_ADAPTOR OFF Set to ON to build src/adaptor binaries
WITH_DLT_CONSOLE ON Set to ON to build src/console binaries
WITH_DLT_SYSTEM OFF Set to ON to build src/system binaries
WITH_DLT_KPI OFF Set to ON to build src/kpi binaries

Linux OS Integration Options

Option Value Comment
WITH_SYSTEMD OFF Set to ON to run CMakeLists.txt in systemd
WITH_SYSTEMD_WATCHDOG OFF Set to ON to use the systemd watchdog in dlt-daemon
WITH_SYSTEMD_JOURNAL OFF Set to ON to use the systemd journal in dlt-system
WITH_DLT_DBUS OFF Set to ON to build src/dbus binaries

Documentation Options

Option Value Comment
WITH_DOC OFF Set to ON to build documentation target
WITH_MAN OFF Set to OFF to skip building of man pages

Test Options

Option Value Comment
WITH_TESTSCRIPTS OFF Set to ON to run CMakeLists.txt in test scripts
WITH_DLT_TESTS ON Set to ON to build src/test binaries
WITH_DLTTEST OFF Set to ON to build with modifications to test User-Daemon communication with corrupt messages
WITH_DLT_UNIT_TESTS OFF Set to ON to build unit test binaries
WITH_GPROF OFF Set -pg to compile flag

Experimental Features Options

Option Value Comment
WITH_DLT_SHM_ENABLE OFF Set to OFF to use FIFO as IPC from user to daemon
WITH_DLT_CXX11_EXT OFF Set to ON to build C++11 extensions
WITH_DLT_COREDUMPHANDLER OFF EXPERIMENTAL! Set to ON to build src/core_dump_handler binaries. EXPERIMENTAL

In order to change these options, you can modify these values with cmake, do the appropriate changes in CmakeList.txt or via the commandline for cmake

Change a value with: cmake -D<Variable>=<Value>, E.g.



Specific documentation can be found in the following files:

All text based documentation will be replaced with by Markdown-based documentation for convinient access.

Old documentation (not maintained - will be removed in future releases):

  • DLT Design Specification: doc/dlt_design_specification.txt

API Documentation

The API documentation is generated with doxygen.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DWITH_DOC=ON ..
make doc


The man pages are generated with pandoc.

If the man pages are changed the following command must be executed.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DWITH_MAN=ON ..
make generate_man

The generated man pages overwrite the existing ones.


Start working, best practice is to commit smaller, compilable pieces during the work that makes it easier to handle later on.

If you want to commit your changes, create a Pull Request in Github.

Coding Rules

Before contributing code, run uncrustify to harmonize code style.

Configuration: util/uncrustify.cfg uncrustify version: 0.68_f

Known issues

List of open issues can be found on Github

  • DLT library: Usage of dlt_user_log_write_float64() and DLT_FLOAT64() leads to "Illegal instruction (core dumped)" on ARM target.
  • DLT library: Nested calls to DLT_LOG_ ... are not supported, and will lead to a deadlock.
  • For Non linux platforms [eg: QNX] IPC supported is UNIX_SOCKET. For Linux Platforms both IPC FIFO and UNIX_SOCKET are supported


Developed and tested with Ubuntu Linux 16 64-bit / Intel PC


Full information on the license for this software is available in the "LICENSE" file. Full information on the license for the cityhash code is available in "COPYING" file in src/core_dump_handler/cityhash_c.




Saya Sugiura ssugiura@jp.adit-jv.com, Quynh Le Hoang Ngoc Quynh.LeHoangNgoc@vn.bosch.com

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Dlt Daemon

Diagnostic Log and Trace.

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