An WYSIWYG HTML Editor Provider for DNN® 9.3.2 or above

_Warning Be Aware Evoq Versions are not supported


  • Editor Interface Language based on current DNN® language
  • Full Support of CKEditor Features
  • Setting Window (Set Custom Settings for Complete Portal, All Editor Instances on a Tab, or only for one Modul Instance)
  • Settings you can set...A Blank Start Text, Width and Height, Toolbar for Every Portal Role, Custom Config File, File Browser type, Browser Allowed User Roles, Editor Styles & CSS and Editor Templates
  • Toolbars can be Added, Edited and Deleted directly in the Setting Window
  • Integrated Simple File Browser (Links, Tabs, Images and Flash)
  • Browser Supports Browsing for Files, Upload (Browser also Supports Upload Files over the Editor Upload Control), File Deleting and Folder Creation
  • Browser generates Thumbnails for Preview Images (Can be disabled to Improve Loading time)
  • Browser Files View can be changed (Detail View, List View or Icons View)
  • Browser Integrated Image Editor (Resize, Crop, Rotate, Zoom) with Preview
  • Browser generates Absolute, Relative Links, or secured Links via LinkClick.aspx Handler (You can Choose for each Link)
  • Browser generates Human Friendly Page(Tab) Links (Contains Option do disable)
  • Browser detects all Page Anchors on Selected dnn Page (Tab)
  • Optionally CKFinderTM Integration
  • Integrated Syntax Highlighter Plugin
  • Integrated Media Embed Plugin, to Include Embed Media from Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Easy Option to Export/Import All Settings
  • Written in C# and Open Source

Screenshots The Editor The Editor

The Editor Source View

Browser Window (File Link)

Detail View List View Icons View

Browser Window (Page Link)

Browser Modal Upload Dialogs

The Integrated Image Editor (Rotate, Zoom and Crop)The Integrated Image Editor (Resize)

Settings Window Settings Window


CKEditor™ Provider for the DNN® Platform

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