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Document Management is a backend service to store and retrieve documents.


It uses:

  • Java8
  • Spring boot
  • Junit, Mockito and SpringBootTest and Powermockito
  • Gradle
  • lombok project - Lombok project


Environment variables

The following environment variables are required:

Name Default Description
IDAM_USER_BASE_URI - Base URL for IdAM's User API service (idam-app). http://localhost:4501 for the dockerised local instance or tunneled dev instance.
IDAM_S2S_BASE_URI - Base URL for IdAM's S2S API service (service-auth-provider). http://localhost:4502 for the dockerised local instance or tunneled dev instance.
MAX_FILE_SIZE 100MB Max file size

Note: The MAX_FILE_SIZE enforces limit on the document upload in the document management backend service. Additionally, the max request content length (including file sizes) need to be configured for the IIS web server (on Azure) via maxAllowedContentLength property for request filter in web.config (config file within source repository).


# Get the connection string for Azure Blob Store and put it in place of getOneFromPortalAzure in application.yaml
# Do not commit it!!!
      connection-string: ${STORAGEACCOUNT_PRIMARY_CONNECTION_STRING:getOneFromPortalAzure}
# Cloning repo and running though docker
git clone
cd document-management-store-app/
# Run this script to aquire IDAM credentials required for DM API.


There is currently a Java Client available here:

Swagger UI

To view our REST API go to {HOST}:{PORT}/swagger-ui.html


API Endpoints

A list of our endpoints can be found here

Functional Tests

To use the functional tests locally for large .mp4 and .doc files please first download them from here : Large Files and place them under your resources folder document-management-store-app/src/functionalTest/resources This would make them available to be used in the Functional Test -

MV1 (R1) As authenticated user I should not be able to upload files that exceed permitted sizes
  • Ensure the @Pending annotation is removed before running the test locally.
  • Revert your changes after tests are run as these are for running the above F-Test on local only.

Document Management Store App

Spring Boot Application to store Documents

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