This is a small project to re-integrate chat wheel sounds to Dota 2. I created a soundboard that plays all compendium chat wheel sounds via ingame voice chat to you and your teammates.



For this setup two downloads are needed: The soundboard and an audio driver.


  1. Download the precompiled Chat Wheel Soundboard
  2. Download the tool VB-Audio Virtual Cable (Any other audio tool that can send playback sound to a recording device will work)

Setup (5 Steps)

Please remember your previous settings if change anything.

  1. Install the VB-Audio Virtual Cable: Setup requires to be run in Administrator Mode. Please refer to tool documentation (actually it is only a one-button-installation). NOTE: Any other audio tool that can emulate playback sound to a recording source will work aswell.
  1. Change your steam voice recording device: Go to your Steam Settings>Voice> click 'Change device'. Windows sound manager will popup.

Steam settings

  1. Set virtual cable as default: Set 'CABLE Output' as your standard device and also as standard communication device Windows sound manager

When you are done, in Steam>Settings>Voice click 'Detect Audio devices'. This should set your steam recording device to 'CABLE Output' as it can be seen in screenshot from step 2).

  1. Start ChatWheelSoundboard.exe: Figure out the correct 'Mic device' on the left hand side of the soundboard. Usually the largest number is the most recently installed device (which should be the virtual cable tool). You can check your selection by watching the indicator bar at windows sound manager (step 3) or steam microphone test (step 2) when playing a sound.

  2. Enable Dota 2 open microphone: Start Dota 2. Go to Settings>Audio>Voice: Select 'Open Mic' for team voice chat. Dota 2 voice


  • .NET 4.5.2
  • Audio tool to send sound from playback source to recording source. I recommend VB-Audio Virtual Cable.


It is not possible to use your mircophone and soundboard at the same time, since both require to be steams recording device.

Dota 2 Chat Wheel Soundboard

A Soundboard that plays Chat Wheel Sounds (from The International 7 Compendium) over ingame voice.

Dota 2 Chat Wheel Soundboard Info

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