dpx is like npx for Deno, easily run a Deno CLI package.

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Install DPX globally using:

deno install --allow-run --allow-net -n dpx https://deno.land/x/dpx/cli.ts

Then, the package is available to run:

dpx <packageName> <flags> <arguments>

Under the hood, the CLI finds the file to run (cli.ts or mod.ts) from the Deno registry and runs it.

💡 Examples

If you want to run the package online (which tells you whether you are online), you can run:

dpx online --allow-net # You are online

Similarly, if you want to check whether a website is up, you can use the up package:

dpx up --allow-net https://google.com  # https://google.com is up

Required permissions:

  1. --allow-net
  2. --allow-run


You can use this package by importing it:

import { dpx } from "https://deno.land/x/dpx/mod.ts";

const result = dpx("packageName", ["--flags"], ["args"]);

Alternatively, you can use it directly from the CLI by using deno run:

deno run --allow-read --allow-run https://deno.land/x/dpx/cli.ts <flags> <packageName> <arguments>

👩‍💻 Development

Run tests:

deno test --allow-read

📄 License

MIT © Denorg

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📦 CLI to run a Deno package without installing it (like npx for Deno)

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