Duplex allows you to search for similar code blocks inside your Elixir project.

Installation as escript

Remotely (without repository cloning)

mix escript.install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zirkonit/duplex/master/duplex


mix do escript.build, escript.install

Usage as escript

cd /path/to/project

Installation as dependency

  1. Add :duplex to deps in mix.exs
def deps do
  [{:duplex, "~> 0.1.1"}]
  1. Update dependencies
mix deps.get

Usage as dependency

iex -S mix


You can change default values on config.exs by adding next lines with your own values

config :duplex, threshold: 7 # filter AST nodes with `node.length + node.depth >= threshold`
# Than lower threshold, than simpler nodes will be included.
# Optimal value is around 7-10. Default is 7.
config :duplex, dirs: ["lib", "config", "web"] # directories to search for Elixir source files
config :duplex, n_jobs: 4 # number of threads


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