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A Client for e-hentai.org on Windows 10.

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Install dependencies (x86|x64|ARM) and signature (.cer file) first.  

Please download .appxbundle or .appx file to install. .appxsym files are symbol files for debugging.  


  1. How to install

  2. How to enable network proxy for UWP applications

  3. Tips for keyboard or xbox controller users


Here is a simple introduction for those who would like to build this project by themselves.


  • Visual Studio 2019 16.6
  • Windows SDK 10.0.18362


  • Clone the repository to local
  • Open ExViewer.sln
  • Restore nuget packages
  • Run Convert-Resource in Package Manager (See OpportunityLiu/ResourceGenerator)
  • Build and run


If you would like to help me translate this project into other languages, just fork this project, translate resources in **/Strings/ folders and open pull requests.

You can also provide translation of README, as the Simplified Chinese version.

E Viewer

An UWP Client for https://e-hentai.org.

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