E9AFL --- Binary AFL

E9AFL inserts American Fuzzy Lop (AFL) instrumentation into x86_64 Linux binaries. This allows binaries to be fuzzed without the need for recompilation.

E9AFL uses E9Patch to insert the AFL instrumentation via static binary rewriting.


To build E9AFL, simply run the build.sh script:

    $ ./build.sh


First, install afl-fuzz:

    $ sudo apt-get install afl

To use E9AFL, simply run the command:

    $ ./e9afl /path/to/binary

This will generate an AFL-instrumented binary.afl which can be used with afl-fuzz. See the example below.


To fuzz the binutils readelf program:

    $ ./e9afl readelf
    $ mkdir -p input
    $ mkdir -p output
    $ head -n 1 `which ls` > input/exe
    $ afl-fuzz -m none -i input/ -o output/ -- ./readelf.afl -a @@

If all goes well the output should look something like this:

AFL example


Some instrumented binaries may crash during AFL initialization:

    PROGRAM ABORT : Fork server crashed ...

This is often caused by an insufficient memory limit. See AFL's -m option for more information.

Further Reading


Please report bugs here.




AFL binary instrumentation

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