A collection of my personal dotfiles. Here's a little preview of what it can look like:

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Previous themes

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Clone this repository:

git clone ~/.dotfiles

Install GNU Stow (if not already installed)

Mac:      brew install stow
Ubuntu:   apt-get install stow
Fedora:   yum install stow
Arch:     pacman -S stow

Then simply use stow to install the dotfiles you want to use Ex:

stow xresources

Or to install all my dotfiles config:

cd ~/.dotfiles && \
  stow i3 && \
  stow mopidy && \
  stow cava && \
  stow ncmpcpp && \
  stow neofetch && \
  stow stow && \
  stow wal && \
  stow git && \
  stow ssh && \
  stow tmux && \
  stow picom && \
  stow dunst && \
  stow xresources && \
  cd ~/.dotfiles/zsh && \
  stow configs -t ~/

We may get some warning messages like the following one:

cd ~/Dotfiles
stow git
WARNING! stowing git would cause conflicts:
  * existing target is neither a link nor a directory: .gitconfig
All operations aborted.


WARNING! stowing git would cause conflicts:
  * existing target is not owned by stow: .gitconfig
All operations aborted.

This means that the file .gitconfig (or any other file name that appear in the warning) exists before the symlinking. We need to manually change its name so GNU Stow can create the symlink. My recommendation is to rename it:

mv ~/.gitconfig ~/.gitconfig.old


:skull: dotfiles! managed by GNU stow

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