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A Homebrew save file manager, editor, cheat engine, cheat creator and button sequence mapper for Horizon, the OS of the Nintendo Switch.


EdiZon consists of 6 different main functionalities.

  • Save file management

    • Extraction of game saves.
    • Injection of extracted game saves (Your own and your friends save files).
    • Extraction and injection of all save files found on your device at once.
    • Creations of save file systems when injecting a save file (No need to open every game first!)
    • Automatic backups of all your save files and optionally uploading them to a remote server
    • Uploading of savefiles directly to https://anonfile.com.
    • Batch extraction of all save files of all games on the system.
  • Save file repositories

    • Open source server to host save file repositories online for everybody to access them
    • Official repos for Mario Maker 2, 100% files and more
  • Save file editing

    • Easy to use, scriptable and easily expandable on-console save editing.
      • Lua and Python script support.
    • Built-in save editor updater.
  • On-the-fly memory editing

    • Cheat Engine like RAM editing.
    • Freezing of values in RAM via Atmosphère's cheat module.
    • Interface for loading, managing and updating Atmosphère cheats.
    • Screen overlay to manage your cheats and modify your RAM without leaving the game you're playing
  • Virtual controllers

    • Map button combos and button press sequences to any joycon button
    • Redirect controller inputs from your computer to the switch or vice versa

    All packed into one easy to use and easy to install Homebrew.


Save editor Config and Script files

To download working Editor Config and Editor Script files, visit this repository

Check out our Wiki page for more information on how to build your own Editor Config and Editor Script files.

How to install

  1. Download the latest release from the GitHub release page.
  2. Unpack the downloaded zip file, put the files on your Nintendo Switch's SD card and let the folders merge.
  3. Use a free open source CFW like Atmosphère to launch the hbmenu and start EdiZon from there.
    1. If you want to use the cheat manager you absolutely have to use Atmosphère as only their cheat service is supported.
    2. For the best experience, open the /atmosphere/system_settings.ini file and change dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x1 to dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x0.

How to compile

  1. Clone the EdiZon repo to your computer using git clone https://github.com/WerWolv/EdiZon --recurse-submodules.
  2. Download and install devkitA64. It comes bundled with the devkitPro toolchain.
  3. Use the pacman package manager that comes with devkitPro to download and install libnx, the switch portlibs (switch-portlibs), the switch OpenGL libs (switch-glfw, switch-mesa and switch-glm).
  4. The rest of the compilation works using the make command. Type make application to build only EdiZon, make sysmodule to build only the companion sysmodule or just make to build everything.
  5. If you want to use the debug utilities built into the makefile, you also need python3 and lftp installed on your computer and sys-ftpd installed on your Switch.


For support with the usage of EdiZon or the creation of save editor configs and scripts, feel free to join the EdiZon server on Discord: https://discord.gg/qyA38T8


Thanks to...

  • devkitPro for their amazing toolchain!

  • SwitchBrew for the Homebrew Launcher GUI and shared font code.

  • jakibaki for the massive help with the implementation of RAM editing and sys-netcheat which was used as inspiration.

  • averne for their amazing research around overlay drawing and the implementation of the overlay drawing code

  • SciresM for the aarch64 hardware accelerated SHA256 code, libstratosphere, their implementation of the Atmosphère cheat engine and their support during development.

  • onepiecefreak for generally being helpful during development

  • Ac_K for help with the server side update scripts, the EdiZon save website and reverse engineering of IPC calls.

  • kardch for the beautiful current icon.

  • bernv3 for the beautiful old icon.

  • All save editor and cheat creators for bringing this project to life!

  • nlohmann for their great json library.

  • Lua for their scripting language.

  • Python and nx-python for their scripting language respectively their python port to the switch.

Edizon Rewrite

💡 A homebrew save management, editing tool and memory trainer for Horizon (Nintendo Switch)

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